Saturday, September 19, 2009

If it's not one's another....

We have now been home for 3 days. Elleigh-Kate is dealing with the shots & having her finger pricked much not many tears..which is awesome. Huge relief for me! Most kids are terrified of shots... just imagine telling your child that they will have 4 a day!!!!!!! NO FUN!!! But I am very thankful that she is adjusting, & I know things will eventually get even better. The biggest issue we have right now is that she is whining & crying & wanting to eat ALL day long. She will eat breakfast...and then 20-30 minutes later..she's hungry again. She has always been like this..but now that she is on a strict diet..she CAN NOT eat this way. And again...try explaining that to a 4 year old. NOT FUN!!! So that is another mountain we are learning to climb..and hopefully by next week I will be blogging saying that she is over doing that! ((hopefully)) So that's the latest on Elleigh-Kate. I can see a big difference in the way she looks & the way she is acting..less tired..and no more peeing every 5 minutes. She doesn't say much about having diabetes to me..well she does throw out a "I hate this life" about once a day...poor thing...but she doesn't say much besides that. We were at a friends house last night & I overheard her tell another little girl that she had diabetes. It literally broke my heart....but I was also proud. I don't want her to be ashamed. I have always taught her..well in her short life..that God makes everyone different & special..& I always want her to remember that! She continued telling the little girl about the hospital & the shots & all of that. Maybe this is her way of coping..& I am glad! =]

As far as I am concerend.....I am doing okay. I jokingly say that if my life wasn't chaotic enough having Greg gone..then to find out my daughter has diabetes..and to have to count carbs, check blood sugars, give insulin shots, call in the blood sugars..oh & wake-up every night at 2 a.m. to check her blood sugars. On top of all of the other things my daily life consists of. Whew! I have been asked by two different people..."how do you do it?"..and I say..what choice do I have as a mom??? This is my job...& though it may be stressful, I wouldn't trade it for the world! I had a meeting with her pre-school on Friday to go over some things they will need to know while she is in thier care. I am so thankful that my kids go to such a great school!!!

So..just continue praying! I know that me being able to deal with all of this..and Elleigh-Kate doing so well does not come from is the strength that God has given us!

Until next time....


  1. I'm so proud of you Elizabeth. Not only for handling Elleigh's diagnosis so well but for putting everything in God's hands, relying on your faith to get you through. I will keep you guys in my prayers daily...and know that if you ever need anything at all I'm just a phone call (or text) away. Love ya, B-

  2. Im was so glad to see her today looking and feeling much better! I will continue to pray for her and you. You are an awesome mom- and very strong to say the least!! love yall!!