Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogging Break you can tell we have taken a "blogging break" for quite a while now. Things were VERY busy in 2009 to say the least. Daddy joined the army and we moved from Georgia to North Carolina. We had Christmas and two birthdays in December..and Elleigh-Kate's was one of them! =) It is hard to believe my sweet girl is FIVE!!!!!!!'s only hard for me to believe because it seems like yesterday she was my tiny, little baby. Talking to her you may think she was 25. haha! I have said this before and probably will say it many, many times again..she is wayyyy beyond her years. We have started going to a new church in North Carolina and the first time I picked Elleigh-Kate up from her class her teacher said "Elleigh-Kate is very...ummm...proper!"...I about died..but was not surprised to hear that at all. She is VERY mature by nature and having diabetes has made her even MORE mature. She just blows my mind. And speaking of her diabetes...she is doing just fine! I'm not doing too bad either! =) I have learned how many "carbs" certain items have in them and am no longer having to write stuff down. I guess I am becoming a "carb pro". Her bloodsugars are decent each day and all they want is for 50% to be we are good!!! She still cries some when getting her shots and sometimes I think she is just tired of it..which I can imagine. I mean, who wants 4 shots EVERY..SINGLE..DAYYYY!!!!! I try to ignore her "fussiness" and keep on going because she will have this for the rest of her life and there is no time to dwell on it! It helps alot that I am so rubs off on her..and I hope she will keep that attitude about her diabetes forever. We are in the process of finding her a pediatric endocrinoligist in North Carolina and she will go back for a check-up in a month or so. Other then that..we are all doing good!!!! I will try my best to keep the updates coming..and I am so thankful for all of you that care so much about Elleigh-Kate. Here are a few new pics of the "diabetic diva"



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Very first diabetes appointment!

Today Elleigh-Kate had her first check-up atfer being diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago. The appointment went well. The parking deck...not so much! I have never driven around a parking deck that long in my life!!!!! Finally after making circles and me huffing & puffing we made it to the appointment about 18 minutes late!!!! Luckily THAT was the bad news..the good news is Elleigh-Kate is doing just fine. The doctor made an adjustment to her insulin since she has more lows than highs during the day..and she answered a few of my questions. She seemed impressed at how organized I was about all of this..and how I kept a small notebook where I record everything she eats, blood-sugars, and insulin. What can I say..I'm o.c.d. but I don't know how you wouldn't be this organized when your child's diet and blood-sugar determine the fate of her becoming sick or staying helathy. With Halloween approaching we discussed the issue of "candy" and Elleigh-Kate will be able to eat whatever candy she chooses..she will just have to take extra insulin for it. Which is fine by me, because I have said this entire time that I don't want her to ever feel left out or like she's missing out. And the good thing with diabetes is there's not much you can't just may have to take more insulin if you on your b-day or Halloween.
Elleigh-Kate continues to amaze me every single day! Her good attitude and maturity really show me that this was God's plan for her life! And...her having to take 4 shots everyday made "flu shots" that much easier. Even brother Gavin didn't cry! It was great! I can hardly get in the car & listen to Christian radio without crying to every other song or go to church and not have my eyes fill up with tears listening to my preacher preach. I am just sooo thankful for what God has done in my life and how stong He has made me and Elleigh-Kate. I do not deserve any of this but I am oh so thankful! Please continue praying..we feel the prayers!=]

ps- we are moving to North Carolina NEXT WEEK!!!! This means many, many things but two big things are finding a new pediatrician and now a pediatric be praying that God will hand-pick the perfect one's for us. More blogging about all that later.....

-Elizabeth & Elleigh-Kate

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the "honeymoon" phase....

For the past few days Elleigh-Kate is in what doctors call the "honeymoon" phase of her diabetes. To save you the trouble of trying to understand what I mean by MY definition...haha...I have 'googled' so you can get the full definition of what I'm talking about...

What is the "honeymoon phase"?
In a person who has type 1 diabetes, the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed by immune cells. However, right after the time of diagnosis, some patients go through a "honeymoon phase" in which their existing beta cells still function. A number of research projects are currently taking place which hope to preserve the function of these existing beta cells after the honeymoon phase in people with type 1 diabetes.

So bascially..the insulin-producing cells that she still has..are now working...and somehow it makes her have low blood-sugar. So...we have had to make some adjustments to her insulin this week. No biggy! She is still doing sooo good! She is so responsible for her age with all of this.

I am hoping to get better with posting some pics but things are always pretty busy around here. But the good news is- it's a good busy! Until next time....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 2

I am still absolutley amazed at how much progress Elleigh-Kate has made in only 2 weeks. She is now telling me to check her blood sugar before meals and she doesn't shed a tear! She is also very good about asking what she can and can't have to eat and she'll even say things like... "it has too many carbs"...haha! =] She's so smart...and very mature, which I think is a HUGE plus in this whole thing. She is talking more and more about the fact that she has "dia-veteez" as she calls it. She mostly enjoys telling people about being at Egleston. She STILL is having a tough time with the "grazing"...or lack of....but again I am hoping she will get over that soon. I only wish I could follow her low-carb diet..maybe I would drop this last 10 lbs. I need to lose! =/ Overall the past 15 days have been okay. If you were to ask me two Monday's ago how I thought things would be going..I probably wouldn't think they would be even close to as well as they are. And I am thankful! Elleigh-Kate is the perfect example of how God never gives you more than you can handle! And I guess the same goes for me. Not to toot my own horn, but this past year I have realized that I can take on alot more than I EVER, EVER thought I could. I have always considered myself to be a weak person and one that could'nt deal well with things but boy was I wrong!!!! Not only did I have my third child right before 2009 husband joined the army and went to train in April, and in September my daughter is diagnosed with diabetes, and NOW....our house is under-contract and as long as all goes as planned...we will be moving! I can't wait to read my own blog after all of this happens! haha! Please continue checking on us and praying for Elleigh-Kate! She is such a special little girl and I know that even at age 4 1/2 that God is going to use her in so many ways!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to school.....

Elleigh-Kate went back to school yesterday (Monday)..and did very well. She brought this kids book she got from the hospital about a little boy that had diabetes. Her teacher read it to her class during story time. Her teacher also told me that Elleigh-Kate was sooo brave..she stood up in front her her class and told them she had diabetes and that she was special. Which she is!!! =] She is still doing sooo good taking her insulin shots and having her finger pricked. She is still whiny about wanting to eat, and I am still hoping she'll get over that soon. Other then that she is back to normal...SPOILED ROTTEN! Here are a few new pictures that I had taken by a friend of mine. This is also proof that Elleigh-Kate shares her cuteness with a brother and a sister!!!!



Saturday, September 19, 2009

If it's not one's another....

We have now been home for 3 days. Elleigh-Kate is dealing with the shots & having her finger pricked much not many tears..which is awesome. Huge relief for me! Most kids are terrified of shots... just imagine telling your child that they will have 4 a day!!!!!!! NO FUN!!! But I am very thankful that she is adjusting, & I know things will eventually get even better. The biggest issue we have right now is that she is whining & crying & wanting to eat ALL day long. She will eat breakfast...and then 20-30 minutes later..she's hungry again. She has always been like this..but now that she is on a strict diet..she CAN NOT eat this way. And again...try explaining that to a 4 year old. NOT FUN!!! So that is another mountain we are learning to climb..and hopefully by next week I will be blogging saying that she is over doing that! ((hopefully)) So that's the latest on Elleigh-Kate. I can see a big difference in the way she looks & the way she is acting..less tired..and no more peeing every 5 minutes. She doesn't say much about having diabetes to me..well she does throw out a "I hate this life" about once a day...poor thing...but she doesn't say much besides that. We were at a friends house last night & I overheard her tell another little girl that she had diabetes. It literally broke my heart....but I was also proud. I don't want her to be ashamed. I have always taught her..well in her short life..that God makes everyone different & special..& I always want her to remember that! She continued telling the little girl about the hospital & the shots & all of that. Maybe this is her way of coping..& I am glad! =]

As far as I am concerend.....I am doing okay. I jokingly say that if my life wasn't chaotic enough having Greg gone..then to find out my daughter has diabetes..and to have to count carbs, check blood sugars, give insulin shots, call in the blood sugars..oh & wake-up every night at 2 a.m. to check her blood sugars. On top of all of the other things my daily life consists of. Whew! I have been asked by two different people..."how do you do it?"..and I say..what choice do I have as a mom??? This is my job...& though it may be stressful, I wouldn't trade it for the world! I had a meeting with her pre-school on Friday to go over some things they will need to know while she is in thier care. I am so thankful that my kids go to such a great school!!!

So..just continue praying! I know that me being able to deal with all of this..and Elleigh-Kate doing so well does not come from is the strength that God has given us!

Until next time....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Diagnosis!

As a mother, I don't think I will ever forget September 14, 2009..the day I was told that my 4 1/2 year old daughter had Type 1 Diabetes! I have decided that creating a blog to keep up with things on a day-to-day basis and also talk about the ways myself & Elleigh-Kate are feeling will help everyone, friends, etc. have a better understanding of what's going on..and hopefully answer any questions that you may have. I hope you enjoy reading this and encourage you to visit our site everyday. I also ask that you pray for our family...especially Elleigh-Kate! =]

How did we know she may have diabetes????

Over the past few months I have noticed Elleigh-Kate drinking more than usual. Downing glasses of water and milk by the gallon. And then along with drinking this much...she was urinating just as often as she drank. Sometimes 5 times or more in only a 30 minute period. The thought of a urinary tract infection crossed my mind...but she never complained of any burning..and plus..still..why the thirst?? So like I said..I felt something may be wrong...but just wasn't sure what it could be. Plus..soo many people were telling me how great it was that she drank so much we know why! This past Saturday & Sunday is when it really dawned on me that something wasn't right. She complained of her tummy hurting on Saturday and also seemed tired..and then on Sunday after church she said her tummy hurt again..and seemed shaky and pale. Soo...I went home & did what any normal mommy would do...GOOGLE!!!!=] I googled the symptoms and billions of sites came up & ALL of them saying "juvenile diabetes". And any normal mommy...I FREAKED!!!!!! I called my mom, my hubby's mom, friends, other relatives....freaking myself out. I cryed, and cryed!!!!! I tryed to stop reading these sites but I couldn't help it..which only freaked me out more. Later that night I prayed.....asking God for peace..and strength. Elleigh-Kate went to school like normal on Monday and after I picked her up we headed to her pediatrician. When we got there they asked her to pee in a cup...then they brought us back & asked me what was going on. I started to explain her symptoms..and then the nurse went & checked her urine sample...came back to the room and checked her blood sugar (pricked her finger)...then the doctor came in. Even though I felt like she probably did have's still tough to hear the doctor tell you that your child has a chronic disease..treatable or not. The first words out of the doctors mouth was "mothers intuition"....and then she said "it appears that she does have diabetes....and I'm sorry to have to tell you this...but it is a life sentence". I took in everything she was saying..and she couldn't get over how calm I was. I explained to her that I had had my nervous break down the day before. haha! But I will say..things do come easier when you expect them. She proceeded to tell me that we would need to go to Egleston..."the one in Mt.Zion"..I one in Atlanta...emergency room & be prepared to stay over night. Luckily Gavin & Emmi-Reece were at my parents Elleigh-Kate & I drove back there first to grab a few things..and I do mean a FEW! My poor Dad had to go to Wal-Mart that night & buy all of the "baby supplies" that they would need to keep my kids for a few days. Obviously I wasn't prepared to have to go to I only had a few things for the kids. So to the hospital........

Our stay at Egleston!!!

Not having Greg around during this time was very I went & picked up the next best thing...his mother! They look just I felt like he was with me...haha! My mom kept Gavin & Emmi-Reece while we were at the hospital. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am SUPER picky about who keeps my babies. Elleigh-Kate cryed & asked for my mom alot...but I didn't want my mom coming back & forth from the hospital and taking germs back to Emmi-Reece since she is so young. So anyway.....we get to the ER...surprisingly only sat in the waiting room for 5 minutes and then got a room. They had to do an i.v. which she did very good getting it..I was shocked. They took her blood & once the results came back..the doctors would come talk to me. I never knew what an "endocrinologist" was until this week! ha! Everyone at Egleston was sooooooooo good! I kept thinking to myself...what did we do before children's hospitals??? They took SUCH good care of her & made her visit fun. Monday night was pretty tough..for Elleigh-Kate & for myself. I cryed for hours that night. And I also prayed alot. My faith was so strong. Even though I didn't like that this was happening to my baby...I know & understood that this was God's plan for her life. He knew this would happen before the world ever began. He knew that I would have my first daughter, name her Elleigh-Kate, & at 4 1/2 years old she would get diabetes. Man, the peace you have as a Christian. I don't see how "non-Christians" go through stuff. It was still very upsetting...& VERY hard. With her being so young..and just not understanding...that has been the hardest part. When the nurses would come in to check her blood-sugar...or give her an insulin shot..she would cry..and say stuff like "why"..."this is terrifying"..."why are they hurting me"..and the one that got me like a knife to the heart.."why can't I be healed"...oh gosh! And how do you explain all of this?????????? I said..has been the hardest part. But each day is getting better.

How will she be treated???

Elleigh-Kate will follow a low carb diet and have to have her blood-sugar checked 4-5 times per day & also have 4 insulin shots per day. She will be seen by an endocrinologist every few months and have frequent visits to her pediatrician. THANK GOD for military insurance!!!!!!!!!!! And I have to can you ever doubt God???? He KNEW she would get diabetes...and therefore he allowed things to go in the right direction so Greg would join the army...and we would have good insurance. My visit to the ER & hospital stay cost ZERO!!!!! God knew this..and I am so thankful for this! Elleigh-Kate is what the doctors call "a grazer" meaning she likes to eat small amounts of food all day long. This has also been an adjustment..& a tough one at that. I have ahd to explain to her that she can only when I say she can. Hopefully this too will become easier as the days go on.

Elleigh-Kate will still live her life...just as any other child can live theirs..she will just need shots each day. The doctors asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said "a princess"...and he told her that even with diabetes that she could still be a princess! =] We went today & had her a cute bag monogrammed for us to carry all of her "supplies" with us. I am going to keep her out of school until Monday...just so we can all adjust a little longer..but I am meeting with her teacher tomorrow to educate her on what all she will need to know to take care of Elleigh-Kate while she is at school. Everyone has been so sweet & we appreciate SOOO much what all of you have done. The prayers especially. I hope that you will all read this blog each day to check on our "Diabetic Diva".