Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 2

I am still absolutley amazed at how much progress Elleigh-Kate has made in only 2 weeks. She is now telling me to check her blood sugar before meals and she doesn't shed a tear! She is also very good about asking what she can and can't have to eat and she'll even say things like... "it has too many carbs"...haha! =] She's so smart...and very mature, which I think is a HUGE plus in this whole thing. She is talking more and more about the fact that she has "dia-veteez" as she calls it. She mostly enjoys telling people about being at Egleston. She STILL is having a tough time with the "grazing"...or lack of....but again I am hoping she will get over that soon. I only wish I could follow her low-carb diet..maybe I would drop this last 10 lbs. I need to lose! =/ Overall the past 15 days have been okay. If you were to ask me two Monday's ago how I thought things would be going..I probably wouldn't think they would be even close to as well as they are. And I am thankful! Elleigh-Kate is the perfect example of how God never gives you more than you can handle! And I guess the same goes for me. Not to toot my own horn, but this past year I have realized that I can take on alot more than I EVER, EVER thought I could. I have always considered myself to be a weak person and one that could'nt deal well with things but boy was I wrong!!!! Not only did I have my third child right before 2009 husband joined the army and went to train in April, and in September my daughter is diagnosed with diabetes, and NOW....our house is under-contract and as long as all goes as planned...we will be moving! I can't wait to read my own blog after all of this happens! haha! Please continue checking on us and praying for Elleigh-Kate! She is such a special little girl and I know that even at age 4 1/2 that God is going to use her in so many ways!


  1. Glad to hear she's doing well! What a precious girl to be so interested in following the diet and everything else! You are blessed, whether you realize it or not (I think you do!!!)!
    And you are a great Mommy!

  2. Sweetie, I don't think we ever realize what we are truly capable of until we're faced with something. I'm so proud of you! I am also sooo sad that you might be moving...not that I see you all the time but at least I know you're there. Regardless of my feelings, I'm happy for you guys and hope it all works out!