Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Very first diabetes appointment!

Today Elleigh-Kate had her first check-up atfer being diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago. The appointment went well. The parking deck...not so much! I have never driven around a parking deck that long in my life!!!!! Finally after making circles and me huffing & puffing we made it to the appointment about 18 minutes late!!!! Luckily THAT was the bad news..the good news is Elleigh-Kate is doing just fine. The doctor made an adjustment to her insulin since she has more lows than highs during the day..and she answered a few of my questions. She seemed impressed at how organized I was about all of this..and how I kept a small notebook where I record everything she eats, blood-sugars, and insulin. What can I say..I'm o.c.d. but I don't know how you wouldn't be this organized when your child's diet and blood-sugar determine the fate of her becoming sick or staying helathy. With Halloween approaching we discussed the issue of "candy" and Elleigh-Kate will be able to eat whatever candy she chooses..she will just have to take extra insulin for it. Which is fine by me, because I have said this entire time that I don't want her to ever feel left out or like she's missing out. And the good thing with diabetes is there's not much you can't eat...you just may have to take more insulin if you indulge...like on your b-day or Halloween.
Elleigh-Kate continues to amaze me every single day! Her good attitude and maturity really show me that this was God's plan for her life! And...her having to take 4 shots everyday made "flu shots" that much easier. Even brother Gavin didn't cry! It was great! I can hardly get in the car & listen to Christian radio without crying to every other song or go to church and not have my eyes fill up with tears listening to my preacher preach. I am just sooo thankful for what God has done in my life and how stong He has made me and Elleigh-Kate. I do not deserve any of this but I am oh so thankful! Please continue praying..we feel the prayers!=]

ps- we are moving to North Carolina NEXT WEEK!!!! This means many, many things but two big things are finding a new pediatrician and now a pediatric endocrinologist..so be praying that God will hand-pick the perfect one's for us. More blogging about all that later.....

-Elizabeth & Elleigh-Kate

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